Got a new life Today

I finally got around to installing the new iLife 09 suite of applications on my MacBook today. Rather than running out and getting it on the day it was released, I decided to wait a bit and see what the tech folks had to say about it. I listened to a couple of the podcasts by folks like Leo Laporte, Adam from MacCast, and the Mac Geek Gab Guys (Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun) for additional information and decided that I should upgrade. I also checked out the Apple website and several others as well. So, I picked up the application, backed up everything, and off I went.

For those who aren’t familiar with iLife, here’s a brief rundown of each applications along with the new features that encouraged me to get the upgrade.

photoiPhotoThis is the MAIN reason I upgraded.  iPhoto is Mac’s photo importing, editing (basic), and organizing software.  It’s the app I use most often.  Apple does make more “advanced” applications for photo editing but, for what I need, this does the trick.  UPGRADED ITEMS:  Face recognition & tagging, geolocation via google maps, some editing control enhancements and, most important, imbedded uploading to Facebook and Flickr.

movieiMovie Think iPhoto, for movies.  You can make your own movies with many many controls, titles, etc…  Then you can burn them to DVD.  Again, this is not a “Professional” level application, but it’s almost more than I’ll ever use, for now.  UPGRADED ITEMS:  Apple has tweaked almost every aspect of video production.  You almost COULD produce a pro short with this.  One of the best features, for me is the video stabilization.  That’s right the software can take a shaky video and stabilize it!


Garageband – What iMovie is for video, Garage band is for audio.  You can even edit a pro-sounding podcast from it.  Pretty much with the touch of a button.  I don’t use it, much, yet, but the new features could win me over.  UPGRADED ITEMS: Again, since I’m not a big user, yet.  I can’t comment much.  I did notice that there’s a service that you can use (and pay for) to teach yourself how to play an instrument (i.e. guitar).  Now that’s a “coolness” upgrade.

webiWeb – This app is one I use a lot.  It’s what I use for my website.  I have used HTML editors in the past, and this is one of the best.  Besides its seamless integration into the rest of the iLife applications is what makes this thing really cook!  UPGRADED ITEMS:  More themes, more tools, more widgets, more options, more better!

There were a few other enhancements, like more library files and other resources.  Too many to name here.  By the way, iLife comes with most Macs.  Sorry Windows folks, isn’t available for Windows.  Now Apple also has released an upgrade to its business software suite, iWork but, I haven’t seen a compelling need for it… yet…

The installation went, in typical Apple fashion, quite smoothly. After running all the apps. I was quite pleased with the results. All programs, data, and shortcuts (aliases for Macs) were updated with no intervention from me. The programs run a bit snappier and I’m lovin’ the new features. Good job Apple!

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