Companies Starting to Woo Customers

I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails from travel companies trying to scrape up business.  Some sound kind of silly.  Here’s one from US Air (I’m a frequent flyer)



We’re bringing back free drinks

On March 1, we’re bringing back free drinks in our Coach cabin. This includes sodas, juices, tea, coffee and water on all US Airways and US Airways Express flights. 

We believe in our pay-for-what-you-choose-to-use – or “a la carte” – business model, but it’s a work-in-progress. We are committed to remaining competitive and that’s the main reason we have decided to bring back free drinks. 

You still have the choice to only pay for the things you want – like checked bags, Choice Seats or First Class upgrades. And, those services will continue to be free for our Preferred members

Always get the latest news and our best offers at

Fernand Fernandez 
Director, Marketing Programs


How nice…  I don’t have to pay for water anymore!

Here’s another from Avis…


Dear Stan,   

At Avis, We Try Harder™ to make your trip more enjoyable and, now, wrinkle-free.

When you pick up your rental at any of the participating Avis locations*, be sure to look out for an Avis hanger in your car. The Avis hanger was developed for busy travelers like you to help you keep your coat, suit jacket or other garments wrinkle-free in your rental vehicle. Our hangers are environmentally-friendly and made of 100 percent recycled and recyclable material.

And as an added benefit, you’ll find two special offers to help you make time for personal time on the back of the hanger. Choose between $50 off a weekly rental or a Free Day on a weekend rental when you use any American Express® Card now through June 15th. Terms and conditions apply.

Feel free to take the entire hanger with you at the end of your rental – it’s yours to keep! Thank you for continuing to choose Avis.



Oh joy…  A free hanger!  How’s about a free ice scraper?  Or, better yet, how about having the lot boys not use greasy rags to clean the windows so I can see!

I don’t know who these marketing folks are that they have working for them, but they’re NOT the most expensive.  I can pretty much guarantee that…

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