Keeping In touch: Day 0

OK, here’s the deal. I had to go on a trip to DC for the week. It was the typical, fly Monday and Friday thing. I decided NOT to take both laptops this time. Instead, I just took the work laptop and my iPod touch. I figured, since DC is supposed to be a pretty “wired” city, I should be able to do all the personal stuff I need to do with just my touch. It already synchs photos, calendar, music and addresses, so I just needed to do a few things 1st at home on the MacBook.
The biggest deal was my email. My ISP, with whom I have my major traffic email with is only POP capable. That means that it is nearly impossible to keep the mailbox synchrd between two computers. This is because once new messages are received,they are downloaded to whichever device I’m logged into at the time. So you can get duplicates as well as the “wrong” emails on the wrong device.
I do have a couple of IMAP accounts that I maintain for various stuff. So, I took the POP account and auto-forwarded it to one of my IMAP ones. The advantage is that, with IMAP, all my mail is available to me, in synch, any time. Since nothing is on my hard disk, when I get home, I’ll just move stuff I decide to keep from the IMAP account to various folders on my hard disk. The other way would have been to use a webmail interface, which they do offer. However, they don’t support the touch’s screen very well. Many websites do though.
Following the email setup, I managed to find applications and/or websites that were “touch friendly”. All it took, for the most part, was going to that site on the touch. If the website came up in a “mobile/touch” friendly format, I just added that page as a seperste button on the touch’s screen. Others had free application, specially designed for the touch. These included: Facebook, Twitter, USA Today, ESPN, and even WordPress (I’m using it right now to generate this blog!). These usually are missing a few features (like spell/typing checker) but not much.
I plan on updating this each day, detailing my experiences. Then, once I get home, I’ll add links and graphics and re-publish. I’ll probably miss my MacBook, but at least I have its picture.

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