Star Trek (NO SPOILERS) Review

Just saw the new Star Trek movie yesterday. Without spoiling the plot for anyone (you can find it on the internet anyway), here’s my impression(s), from A to F:

  • Sticking to the Star Trek Cannon:  A-
    • A few mistakes, but not many.
  • Characters/Casting:  A
    • Digging the new kids.  Well done!
  • Plot :  B+
    • It holds your interest, but takes a few odd turns.
  • Special Effects:  A
    • Fantastic!
  • Music:  A-
    • Should have pulled more from the other series and remixed.
  • “Inside” jokes:  A
    • The non-trek fans will be the ones not laughing!
  • Costumes:  B
    • Looked a bit more “polyester” than they should.
  • Length:  B
    • Could have been longer.  Looked like some scenes were cut short.

Overall, I must say I truly enjoyed the film.  I will probably see it again in the theater and definitely purchase it.

For those of you who have seen it, here’s a question…

Personally I voted for “Aye Sir” !!

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