E-Bay 1 Plantronics 0

It was totally my fault. I broke the USB adapter for my Plantronics Headsets which I use for Skype and audio content creation. All it does is plug into the computer’s USB port and then the mic and headphone jacks plug into it. I accidentally rolled over the adapter with the chair and crushed it. The headphones work fine, but the quality is a bit better via USB and I can still use my external speakers for system alerts or background music.

The adapter has a part number on it, so I thought I’d be able to go to the Plantronics website and order a replacement part. I mean, when you need a new alternator you don’t have to get a new car right? I went to the support site and searched and searched. I searched by name, part number, accesories, you name it. No joy. I checked the forums. Nothing.

Then in desparation I googled “USB audio adapter Plantronics”. To my surprise Ebay was in the top five hits. I checked out the seller, who had several in stock and included pictures. I put my bid in, won the auction, paid via PayPal, and received the adapter once I returned home. The thing works just fine and was all under $10 including shipping. Much cheaper than a 3rd party one or a new headset ($55).

Next time your looking for a piece part spare and get no love from the manufacurer, give Ebay a shot.

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