Smart Balance

UPDATE: 05/21/09 – As of today the feature is back and working!!!


This is a MAJOR FAIL! The e-mail thread is below. Basically PayTrust is still touting a feature that they do not support and blaming the banking institution for their own inability to adapt. Sad…

From: Paytrust <>
Date: May 17, 2009 8:29:15 AM PDT

Subject: Re: Smart Balance

Dear Stanley,

After much consideration, a business decision was made to stop providing the SmartBalance feature.

We made this decision due to the fact that increased security on most Financial Institutions’ websites has made it increasingly difficult for us to access your banking account. We understand that losing the functionality of SmartBalance is a disappointment to our customers, which is why we did not reach this decision lightly.

We are confident that the many other features of Paytrust will continue to qualify us as the number one online payment services provider.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Paytrust for your bill payment needs. We are here to assist – 24 hours a day, 7 days a>


Patricia D.

May 17, 2009

Paytrust Support

— Original Message —
Received: 5/16/09 1:00:27 PM CDT
Subject: Smart Balance

I have not been able to view my smartbalance, or update it in over a MONTH now. The PayTrust website states:

Can I access my bank account balance through Paytrust?
Yes. Our innovative SmartBalance™ feature gives you secure access to your online bank account information and combines it with your Paytrust payment history to give you a complete and accurate snapshot of your balance. With SmartBalance you get the most updated and accurate picture of your bank balance – all without leaving the Paytrust site – and all for no additional cost! Use of SmartBalance requires that you have an online bank account with one of the SmartBalance enabled banks. To determine if your account is eligible for SmartBalance, go to the SmartBalance page, select your funding account, and click OK.”

I can not access my account at Wells Fargo anymore to see if my bills have cleared or to update my balance. If this feature is no longer being supported, at least PayTrust should let its customers know about it via an e-mail or something. SmartBalance is one of the reasons I chose PayTrust vice my banks own (free) online bill-paying options.

Very Unhappy
Stan A-Z

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4 Comments on “Smart Balance”

  1. Zac Hazlett Says:

    Smart balance has been broken since 4/29/09 for me. I’ve conacted paytrust twice they give me the same run around as you. I use usbank by the way. can still check my account and it’s free get with it paytrust.


  2. Richard Clark Says:

    I am pleased to see this blog. I too got the same incredibly lame response from Paytrust – they just kept hoping I would go away and stop asking. I’m sooo mad.
    – Richard Clark, Palo Alto CA

  3. mike Says:

    the back end processor metavante is to blame for this, not paytrust. i suspect they have more business from the banks and might be doing this on purpose to pull business from paytrust. its happening to all of the services that use them just not paytrust.

  4. kristoffer tabori Says:

    Paytrust is a very flawed service. Appalling customer service. Clearly management views their customers as an element to be kept at arms length. I’ve been with them since, and it has deteriorated beyond belief.

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