Where was the News?

What the heck happened with the news this week? There was Major unrest in one of our most evil foe nations (Iran, in case you haven’t followed current events in the past decade or two) and CNN had a Larry King rerun on with the Orange County Chopper guys? MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, NYT and many others missed the whole Iran Election thing as well “as the story broke”. Who broke the story? FOX and… wait for it… Twitter, Facebook and Myspace!

Yep, the Internet pretty much scooped the media. Big time. Also, by the time the other networks got a clue, the Iranian government had started shutting down their broadcasts. It was the brave people of Iran who reported what was going on.

As the day wore on, several networks resorted to reading twitter feeds “live” because it was the only source of information. When the Iranian government shut down the web, the people used email. When the government shut down email, the people used their cell phones. The information still got out. The connected world finally showed the rest of the “old media” and technophobes that the Internet, twitterverse, blogpsphere, social webspace, whatever you want to call it, is a REAL TIME INFORMATION TOOL, not some odd toy for kids, gamers and ubernerds with no lives.

Many of the technoratti here in the US are speculating that news stations are doomed to becoming more of analysis than reporting mediums. Based on the content that the proud Persians ( Iranians are NOT Arabs they’re Persian) are sending out, in real time via multiple means, the day of the newsman are numbered.

What better way to know what’s REALLY going on? Real time from multiple independent sources.

Stay tuned to the information highway and remember to stay out of the passing lane, whatever side it’s on.

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