United Breaks Guitars

Here’s a story about an individual that made clever use of technology to go against a big corporation to voice his displeasure of their treatment of an incident.

Dave Carroll is a musician who was taking a business trip.  He’s a guitar player.  So, naturally, he had his guitar with him on the trip and, like the few and far between considerate travelers, had it in a shipping case and checked it rather than burdening the flight attendants, and other passenger with this, clearly oversized, piece of luggage.

I’m paraphrasing his own story from his website.  But, in short, United damaged his guitar and gave him the MAJOR run-around when he tried to claim compensation.  Frustrated, he made a music video and posted it on You Tube.  Check out this video on YouTube.  It was picked up by a few news agencies, including FOX and now United is talking to him, most graciously.

A fine example, and notice to big companies, that the little guy has at his/her disposal, just as much media and audience as they do.  If nothing else it might serve as a warning that consumers will not stand for abuse any more and WILL fight back in the public forum(s).

Good Job Dave!

Dave Carroll’s website http://www.davecarrollmusic.com

10 July 09 UPDATE:

Dave has posted a statement here on You Tube.

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