A Weak of Aloha

Unofficial Trip Report:  Kauai, HI

The company sent me and one of my contractors to Hawaii for three days of meetings with our counterparts there.

“Oh wow! You get to go to Hawaii?! That’s so cool!” you say. “I’m so jealous!”

Hold on. Hawaii is made up of frickin’ islands! There’s no way out other than by plane (since they killed the Superferry). I’m working on one of the most remote and undeveloped (Kauai) and my commute is about 1 hour EACH way!

Still jealous? (Hehehe you should be…)

Hotel GroundsHere’s the looks of the Hotel grounds.  As you can see, it is quite pretty.  Even though it rained twice a day (you can set your watch by it!). It was a nice stay.  I didn’t have to drive, so the commute wasn’t too much of a burden.  I finally got to gawk around vice concentrating on the road, so I saw a lot of stuff I didn’t previously notice.

The staff at the hotel were fantastic!  It was refreshing to have a spot at the beach bar.  Good Mai Tais too!Yummy Mai Tai

All in all I did have a good time.  I just have to say it sucked so that the suits won’t think I’m garnering any enjoyment out of certain travel.  Everyone thinks going to Hawaii for work is some kind of boondoggle, but in my business, we only go somewhere because we have to vice using technology (video conference, phone-in meetings, e-mail, etc…).

Until next time!

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