Lucky 777

Another tail of another road trip. Written live, but then edited for readability.

OK, today started out in the toilet. Didn’t sleep well. Wristwatch broke and the flight was delayed. While i wasn’t that rushed at getting to the airport (flight delay message from United), it would affect my arrival time in DC. I got some breakfast at the hotel and hopped the shuttle to LAX.

Upon checking in, I found myself upgraded to Business Class, so hopefully the rest of the flight wouldn’t suck. This is much nicer than the usual 1st class on domestic flights. Apparently this flight’s final destination is Amsterdam. So, the plane is configured for three classes of seating. Nice.

There’s much much more legroom that I can’t even reach the seat in front of me. The seats are much more comfortable, with foot rests and excellent amenity controls and personal video (got to watch Star Trek again!). Heck, even the headphones were better. I’m going to have to remember this flight. All of a sudden, the tardiness didn’t seem to matter.

It turned out to be a fine day for flying. Nice ride. Quite relaxing. Upon arrival at the hotel, things just got better.

Upon checking e-mail, I got one from United. Their note expressed their appologies for the delay and invited me to go to their website and select “a token of their appreciation” for doing business with them. After a few clicks and filling out a form, I now have 5 five hundred mile upgrade certificates in my account. Sweet!

Did they read my last blog about the cruddy service I had? Who knows? Who cares? I’ll be flying them again. At least for a little while more…

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