Stuck in the Snow

RATS!  I thought I’d be able to dodge the snow storm here.  No joy…

I’ve been on the phone with the airlines since about 4:45 this morning.  I even had a flight confirmed, and cancelled during the same phone call with the agent.  While I know that it isn’t the airline’s fault, it’s frustrating nonetheless.

So it’s been a lot of phone calls this morning.

  1. Call the front desk and arrange to stay another day (Check!)
  2. Call the shuttle company and re-schedule (Check!)
  3. Send out e-mails to the various people who need to know (Check)

So this is my own tale of woe.  I’m quite confident that I’m not the only one in this predicament.  But at least I’m just going home, and am not sleeping in the airport.  I guess I’ll be off to enjoy the winter wonderland.  If I get any pictures, I’ll post them here.

UPDATE:  Didn’t get to go out in the snow for pics.  I was much too busy calling and being called by the airline and the shuttle companies.  I really didn’t have the wardrobe for “goofing off” in the snow, no real boots or a stocking cap.  That’s OK, the locals provided plenty of good pictures at the Washington Post website.

I did make it home, finally on Sunday.  Well, almost home.  I’ve still got a three hour drive ahead tomorrow.  But at least it isn’t snowing!!

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