iPad not iBad

OK, now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look at this thing called “iPad”. Please note that I have NOT read anything on it other than what’s on the Apple website. Not that I haven’t been tempted to listen/read stuff from GDGT.COM, or Some of my followed tech journalists like Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak, Andy Ihnatko, etc… I just wanted to get my own opinions down 1st and then see what “those in the know” know… A couple of things though. I am a MacBook and iPod touch (1st gen) owner and a very happy one at that. These two devices are always with me when I travel, and the touch is NEVER further than an arm’s reach away. I have a simple cell phone that suites me fine, so no iPhone for me (camera at work issue).

My very first impression of the iPad was that Steve looked pretty good. He sounded a bit tired, but animated, nonetheless. Back to the iPad.

The first thing I said, when I saw the iPad was that it looks like a giant iPod touch. Even down to the limit of four application icons across the massive screen, the single “Home” button and the dock connector on the bottom. Yeah, its typical Apple-esque in its visual simplicity. Finger print-proof screen coating? Nice touch (no pun intended).

What can it do? It does everything my iPod touch can do, except fit in my pocket. My touch is 1st gen, so it doesn’t have speakers or a microphone. If Apple changes the touch to include a camera (rumor), I will run to an Apple store and snag the earlier version sans camera. But I digress. The feature set of the iPad includes all iPhone apps, except for camera, GPS, and cellular telephony. I’m not sure if the iPhone/iPod touch version of Skype would run on the iPad. If it did, that would add some coolness points. The iPad also has a virtual keyboard that, in landscape orientation seems almost touch typing capable. Apple is also selling a docking stand with a keyboard but (BIG MISTAKE) only operates in portrait mode. Maybe they’re hoping that the included Bluetooth capability will entice a 3rd party to make a keyboard that will work when the iPad is on its side (looking like a netbook). Apple has modified its iWork suite of applications (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) to work on the iPad with almost the same functionality as the desktop/notebook versions. These will be available on the iPad store. The short demo I saw looked pretty cool if you have to make a quick fix on the run. Storage space could be an issue though.

The iPad comes in three storage versions, 16, 32, and 64 MBytes. It also comes in Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + 3G (via month-to-month AT&T). So that makes SIX flavors! The addition of the 3G adds a visible plastic strip on the back, for the antenna and memory size is probably etched on the metal back of the device. The prices? They run from $499, for the 16 Mb WiFi only model and then you add $100 for each memory doublization and an extra $130 for 3G. In comparison, a 32Mb iPod touch (WiFi only) runs $299. Compared to the 32 Mb iPad with WiFi only going to go for $599, your paying $300 for the bigger screen. Yikes!

Who’s going to buy this? The gadget heads, Leo Laporte (Hint: Usually apple updates a device or lowers the price right after Leo buys. Sorry Leo…), 30-somethings with extra cash, people who shop at Sharper Image. The intended market seems to be the “younger crowd”, who can’t afford it. This will be another “Top End” device, competing with the likes of Kindles, Nooks, and netbooks. There will be cheaper alternatives and workarounds to get a similar experience, but if you want the “it” device, you’ll be ponying up some cash to Mr. Jobs for his iPad.

Prediction: Price drop (~$100) or added features before Christmas rush.

Written on WordPress on my iPod touch… so there…

Still want a 32Mb one with just WiFi.  Hey Steve!  How b’out a review unit!

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