UTR: Washington DC 4 Seasons in 24 Days

In my career, I’ve been to many, many places.  My “company” requires that I file a trip report upon completion of my travels.  However, I often have some “unofficial” adventures along the way.  I used to e-mail these to friends and family as my “Unofficial Trip Report” (UTR).  This worked fine in the early days.  Unfortunately, now that I have more friends and family following me, and others online, I find the practice of blasting out these to my whole address/distribution list a bit “old school”.  Since I have a blog, I will now just post here and let the power of auto-notification on Twitter and/or Facebook do my little dirty work for me.  Also, it doesn’t clog up folks’ inboxes with large pics and docs.  On to the story.

So, I went to DC for three weeks.  As usual, I worked hard, and had an enjoyable time.  People there tease me sometimes that, where I live, in Southern California, I don’t get to experience all four seasons.  I tell them “Not exactly, I only get three – Earth, Wind and Fire!”.

However, these last 24 days, I’m pretty sure I experienced all four seasons (at the Marriott – hotel joke), within that short time.  There were the torrential fall/spring thunderstorms, the gorgeous hot summer-like weekend and last, but not least, the bitter cold, windy days of winter, still hanging on.  Being that this “wasn’t my 1st rodeo” I did pack appropriately.  Much to the probably chagrin of United Baggage Services, (BTW:  You goofs broke another one of my bags!) I packed for all occasions, knowing how wacky DC weather in March can be.  Although I hate to admit it, I DID use EVERYTHING I packed.

Spring Cherry Blossoms

In addition to the weather, I did get to witness, and more importantly taste, the changing of the food seasons.  Restaurants were beginning to move from the heavier winter fare of rich sauces, stews and soups to more grilled, light items including entrée salads and more fruits and veggies.  As usual I ate well but, due to the absence of snow and the only occasional shower, I was able to raise my walking and returned home with a net loss!  At least that’s how the clothes are fitting (better) now.

The day I departed, was the 1st day of the Cherry Blossom Festival.  DC’s homage to spring which celebrates the blooming of many cherry trees around the mall.  These were donated to the United States from Japan in 1920, after the time of Tom Cruise’s “The Last Samurai” and before that whole Pearl Harbor, WWII thing.

So, to all my pals in DC, and you know who you are, THANKS! for a great time!

Hope to see you soon!

Stay in touch!

Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms, and the pollen!

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