UTR: DC – June ’10

Another Inoffofficial Trip Report (UTR), brought to you by the Republican Party… Miss us yet?
I’m just kidding. Relax, sit back down. Take a joke. After all he IS the POTUS (look it up). I’m in quite a snarky mood today for some reason. Maybe it’s just me practicing fir dealing with those people I’ll have to deal with. Maybe not.

06/09/10 12:45 PDT
So far, so good. Got my stuff packed (in less than an hour) and to the airport on time to get the shuttle to LAX. Also, got upgraded to International Business Class, which is even better than Domestic 1st Class. Following Dulles, the flight continues to Buenos Aires. Hope my luggage doesn’t decide to visit South America without me.

06/09/10 Inflight
Lunch wasn’t bad, I just wish I hadn’t had the “just in case” Big Mac before we boarded. No chance of dehydration on board. The flight attendants are bring very nice. Finally saw Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. What a £¥%&ing strange movie, ood effects though a bit darker than I thought was necessary.

I also got a chance to listen to a few podcasts. Specifically, those dealing with iPhone 4. I’m thinking of just getting a 3rd generation iPod touch. I’ll be able to get iOS or whatever the 4th iteration of the O/S is going to be called.

06/09/10 20:30 EDT
Early arrival!
Me AND luggage!

06/09/10 23:40
All checked in at my home away from home. Need a burger and a beer. Then bed.


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