Kauai, HI

Once again, I found myself on a plane. Flying west this time. I got my Hawaii trip allbeit not the best season of the year to visit the Garden Island (Kauai) but I guess I’ll just have to “suck it up” eh? To make it better, I got my 1st class upgrade and all is on time!

They still play the halfway to Hawaii Game! It’s really the Point of No Return game, but the flight attendants get a tad squirrelly. They give you most of the information, but don’t update you to speed changes during the flight. You’re just as likely to take the estimated duration on your reservation and divide by 2. What the heck, it’s something to do.

I don’t put much stock in coincidence, but the movie was “Ocean”, a documentary about the seven seas and the animals that live there. It was pretty good. Lunch was quite tasty. Grilled chicken with broccoli and mashed potatoes. The chicken had a ginger and orange sauce and the salad had a ginger dressing. The chocolate chip cookies were fabulous.

At the airport, my bag was the first one off the plane. This was going way too smooth. When I picked up the car I was offerred a Dodge Ram 4WD truck. Brand new! Yeah, it was raining, humid and hot. Got to the hotel and checkin went very smooth too. Then the shoe dropped.

Missed Mai-Thai hour, not in the building I thought, but I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or not… Yet…internet was down and cell reception isn’t all that great. So, hopefully I’ll be able to post this. There are three Starbucks on the island. I just have to find them.

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