Mai-Thais & Monks

After a rather mundane day at work, I did a bit of shopping for supplies and headed back to the hotel. Here, at the Sheraton, they have Mai-Thai specials for a hour during happy hour.

As I was enjoying my island concoction, I noticed a commotion on the beach. Apparently a Hawaiian Monk Seal had decided to come ashore for some sun. You’d have thought it was a body that washed up. The hotel staff responded quickly. They put up a temporary fence – to keep both seal and guests separated.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal is a very rare, and thus endangered species. The Marine Mammal Protection Act, and a few other state and federal laws are quite harsh on people getting too close to these guys. Even prohibiting flash photography.

Note to self. Always carry camera. Might need to ckeck out one of those new-fangled camera phones.

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