Lion Eyes

Well, I took the plunge, I updated my MacBook to OS 10.7 Lion on my late 2007 MacBook today.  I’ve been playing around it for a few days, and here are some observations, both thumbs up,  thumbs meh, and thumbs down


  • [About This Mac] shows much more info in a pretty cool graphic format – Selecting this from the Apple Menu launches System Information, but there are several more choices of what to look at. 

    You can still see the general overview (Including your computer model (i.e. MacBook Late 2007) but you can also look at displays, storage, memory and even check your maintenance status, coverage and connect to all in one place!

  • Re-Size a Window from any Corner – Finally! you can grab any corner of a window to re-size it.  That Windows pattent must have expired eh? 

  • Smaller Footprint – Looks like Lion takes up less disk space.  Interesting…

  • Snappier – I swear, even on this old machine, it’s faster than Snow Leopard was.  Could be more efficient code.  Even Safari loads faster. 



  • Launch Pad – Why would I want this?  Isn’t the doc, application folder, finder or even spotlight enough ways to find an application?  Go ahead and delete the icon from your doc, the application is still in the Applications folder.

  • A few new wallpaper files – No new screensavers. 
  • Contacts – There’s no way to get back to the “old look” of the contacts file.  Nothing dis-functional or anything.  Just don’t care for the new look.
  • Unsupported Apps – I only got one reported incompatible application.  DropBox was “quarranteened” in a separate folder because it was not compatible.  The fix?  Download the new version from


  • Carbonite won’t play – This isn’t Apple’s fault, but it still sucks for me.  I got in touch with Carbonite and they promised me a fix “real soon” as well as an extra month free!

  • Jesting about Jestures – Apparently, my MacBook is too old to support multi-touch jestures.  No, I’m not going to by an external trackpad just to three-finger swipe what I can do via a funtion key or hot corner.  

Well, that’s a quick, 1st look at this thing called Lion.  I’m sure I’ll have some more stuff in the near future as I actually start using it for real and not just playing around with it.  Apple seems to have made the upgrade to Lion pretty darned robust.  The only part that took really long was downloading the thing from the App Store over my cruddy DSL connection.  Once I started the install process, all the screens were informative and provided ample feedback that something was indeed happening.  Again I can’t believe it’s working on an almost 4 year old platform!

I do have a feeling that the next iOS update (any name suggestions?  Tabby, Main Coon, Russian Blue, Persian anyone?)  won’t run on this platform.  There might be a spot on the forced harware upgrade death march for me next time. There might be a MacBook Air in my future as well.  😜


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