NBA Season is on. Big Deal…

With an agreement pending, it looks like there will be a 66 game season starting on the 25th of December.

Golly, thanks for the Christmas present NBA. NOT!

These clowns (no offense Harlem Globetrotters, you guys know who’s buttering your bread) who make all that money for running around in shorts for a couple of hours, and the greedy owners who charge an arm and a leg for a ticket, merchandise, food, etc. have no idea how real people make money and support their favorite team, even if they suck. Well, it’s time for all of us to boycott (that means don’t support) the NBA, its sponsors, advertisers, merchandisers and media outlets. It’s that simple. When they go through a whole season without any money coming in, then they’ll start to realize who really controls the league. THE FANS!

Here’s the deal.

NBA players and the owners have decided that, they both want to make money and that there’s plenty of it to go around. Fans continue to pay ridiculous prices for tickets, shirts, hats, shoes, and anything else players or teams decide to endorse. Crying, writing letters and the like are no way for fans to get their message across to the teams, players and owners. The only way is MONEY. So, it NBA fans boycott this season, then maybe the parties involved in this fiasco we call “professional basketball” will get a clue on where exactly their revenue comes from.

But gee whiz, how am I supposed to support my Basketball Jones?

If you’re a true fan of the game of basketball, there are plenty of equally exciting and honorable to encourage the growth of the sport. Here are a few that come to mind.

  • NCAA Basketball – Root for your local, or favorite college team, provided it doesn’t have a current sex scandal (sorry Clemson). Most colleges that have a football team also have men’s AND women’s basketball. I personally think it’s a more exciting game to watch. Most of the times, the officials actually call the game according to the rules. You know items like Traveling, Double-Dribble, and Palming or Carrying. The tickets and regalia are cheaper, and you support your college of choice.
  • WNBA – The ladies, in my opinion, tend to play better basketball than the men. They shoot a lot more; they pass the ball and generally look more like a team than three superstars plus a rookie and a guy on his way out.
  • High School basketball – These programs keep kids off the streets and are prime targets when the money gets tight in favor of alternate culture studies, sensitivity training, and other things besides Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Proceeds go to the team for stuff like uniforms, tournaments, and equipment.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs – Another fine organization for helping the youth of America learn sportsmanship, team play, and values of hard work and discipline. Support your local Boys & Girls clubs by either putting your kids in one of their Basketball programs or just donate what you would have spent on NBA tickets to them. It’s tax deductible, and you won’t look like the creepy person with no kids watching the game(s).

What else is there?

C’mon, there are plenty of other sports on the TV. Football, Hockey, College BB, College FB, College Hockey (in some areas). There always are plenty of sports on TV. Here’s a thought, GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY! If it’s too cold, then DO SOMETHING other than sit in front of the box watching. Heck, go through last season on EA Basketball if it will make you feel better. Hey, why not go to the gym and PLAY basketball. You know with real sweat and everything? Bring along a cheering soundtrack if you think it will help. A pick-up game of H-O-R-S-E still burns more calories than a Lakers – Bulls game while sitting on your butt. Save that NBA money for yourself this year.

Don’t feel bad for the players or the owners, they have plenty of loot from last year’s fleecing of the fans.

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