Who’s to Blame?

A tragic event happened at a school in CT. Bummer. I too pray for the families of the fallen just as much as I pray for the families of the other fallen all around the world. Military personnel at a base in Texas, Chinese kids that got knifed at their school (google it), folks at a mall in Oregon, a pop star’s plane crash victims in Mexico, Cyclone victims in the Solomon Islands, it doesn’t matter.

Dying before “your time” sucks. My fiancé’ did that. She was walking in “knee high” surf and got caught in a rip-tide and drowned. So I kinda know what it’s like to loose someone you love before their time to a random event. So (pardon language) if you don’t think I have anything in common from those who have suffered recent losses in a “random” event that they had no control over, TAKE OFF!

Do I blame the lifeguards? Nope, they don’t control the surf. Do I blame “Mother Nature”, well that’s kind of stupid… Do I lobby to close all beaches? Equally idiotic. In the case of the tragedy (yes I do feel it was a tragedy) in CT, do we blame the school? Did they know what was going to happen? Nope. Gun laws? Bad guys don’t make a habit of following the law. “The system”? Which one? Who’s to know? Who is qualified and anointed to make that call? Obama? CT Governor? PTA? Not likely. However, everyone seems to be jumping in to “correct” this issue in the future.

What issue? Crazy people with access to guns? Um… at present the law doesn’t allow crazies to have them. BUT, Hospitals, due to overcrowding or budget constraints, are allowed legally to deem nut jobs “safe” and send them out into society with prescriptions for meds that they might or might not take or OD on. WTF? Dogs are more scrutinized for being “a threat to society” than humans. Oh, that’s right, most dogs don’t have pro-bono lawyers at their service. If the leash don’t fit, you must acquit. No publicity in dog cases…

We, as intelligent Americans, we must be cautious of those who stand to, or attempt to, make gains (financial, legal, political) from tragedy. Just like the “carpet baggers” of the post Civil War (look it up), there are plenty of people both in the media, private industry, and the government that will use this, and other tragedies, to forward their own agenda. They will continue to harp on THEIR issue, mostly by sensationalism or “tugging at our hearts” via “in depth” reporting, with financial compensation that doesn’t get mentioned. Stay tuned for a “Movie of the Week” or a “Hallmark/Lifetime/Oprah/Dr. Phil” special on this.

Some will use this event to draw attention away from “bigger” issues. Others will attempt to add more regulations, or more Government oversight where it’s really not needed.


Be thankful for what you have. Mourn others’ losses. Keep your eyes on the “Big Picture”. Look to the facts, not the fantasy. And try to have a Happy Holidays in spite of the fact that the “real world” can really blow sometimes…

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